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Do I Need A Fire Door In My House?

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Yes! when it comes to protecting your residential space from the dangers of a fire emergency, you simply cannot rely on normal doors. You need doors made of special materials that can withstand the extreme temperatures during a fire outbreak. This is where Fire Doors come in play. They are constructed of fire-resistant materials like timber, glass, steel, gypsum and vermiculite boards, that restrict and delay the spread of fire, smoke, and fumes from one place to another.

Residential Fire Doors are usually crafted for multifamily houses, apartment buildings, and homes that need a fire-rated entry based on local building codes.

Residents of apartment complexes live closely, due to which they affect each other’s risks associated with fire emergencies. Therefore, installing a Fire Door is a passive fire protection measure that helps to contain the spread of fire, which in turn saves lives and properties. It provides additional time for you to escape safely from your home/building. 

Many a times when people take fire outbreaks into consideration they focus on the element of fire, and they do not understand the significance of reducing smoke inhalation. Majority of people who die in residential fire outbreaks do so as a result of smoke inhalation. Hence, a Fire Door plays a crucial role to protect escape and rescue routes, keeping them smoke-free. 

Now that we’ve learned about the importance of having a Fire Door at home, the other question that rises is which location in your home is best suited for installing it.

Private premises are advised to install Fire Doors where the risk is most imminent, for example kitchen, or rooms with lots of electrical devices. Another room to pay attention to is the drying room since, this room also has units that can burn fast if some part of the unit is not working correctly.

One of the crucial element is to ensure that your Fire Door is fitted correctly. Failure to fit a Fire Door properly will compromise the door’s performance. In fact, badly installed Fire Door might only provide 5-10 minutes of protection which could seriously risk lives and damage property, as well as make it even more difficult for fire fighters to access the property and put out the flames. Due to this, it is vitally important that only those people who are competent and skilled take responsibility for fitting Fire Doors, whether they are in houses, public spaces or business premises.

Therefore, one must never ignore the need of having a Fire Door at their residential space. It is important to note that they are an extremely important part in the safety facilities that needs to be implemented.

Now a days as people are getting more aware and conscious of their safety, there is a rise in the demand for Fire Doors among all the sectors, including the residential sector. Thus, fitting a Fire Door will ensure the safety of the people and also, the property would be less prone to destruction.

If you’ve been thinking of enhancing your fire safety strategy, then installing a Fire Door is the right way forward as they are an essential aspect of your house  structure, aesthetic and safety. And contacting the right professionals is a must if you don’t want to compromise on your security.

At EPEE Fire Doors, we have highly qualified team of professionals that install and craft certified, high quality Fire Doors.

To learn more how we strive to save lives, visit our website and chat with our team member who will help you decide on the right Fire-rated Door for your property.

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